Repo Chick

September 2009


Repo Chick


Status: Released September 2009

Director: Alex Cox

Screenplay: Alex Cox

Producers: Eric Basset, Austin Stark, Benji Kohn, Bingo Gubelmann, Daren Hicks, Simon Tams

Executive Producers: Chris Papavasiliou

Cast Includes: Jaclyn Jonet, Rosanna Arquette, Chloe Webb, Miguel Sandoval


Legendary indie filmmaker Alex Cox brings us another film in the REPO world which was shot on the 25th anniversary of his cult classic REPO MAN. In this hilarious parody, infamous heiress Pixxi De La Chasse gets disinherited by her family for her wild and flamboyant antics and must find a job. Possessing a limited skill set, to say the least, Pixxi gets a job in the repo industry and soon finds her calling as a badass take-no-prisoners repo man … or, rather, repo chick.